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| Little Luxe Hair and Makeup Artist | Auckland 

Hi I'm Roi,

This is our story.

hair and makeup

Growing up in Otara, South of Auckland, in a Catholic and Polynesian household, Hair and makeup was not a priority for our family.

With a Cook Island Nan who has very strong cultural and religious beliefs, selfies and makeup are considered a form of vanity. 

In Nan's eyes, this is not something that a Christian, Cook Island girl should worry about coz, you know...."it's a sin".  Now she just rolls her eyes and grumbles under her breath. 

My mum started her career in hairdressing as a young 17-year-old solo mother​ (well, as "solo" as you can be in a polynesian family).  So, while mum was at work building a career, my Nan helped raise me.  


Mum introduced me to the world of hair & fashion when I was 14.  She encouraged me to start a little online clothing label called "Street E".  I sold t -shirts, mainly to friends and family.  Having good work ethics was a strong value that mum instilled in me.  "Oi don't be lazy, stop complaining and work your butt off" was one of the many things mum would say to me.

At 15, I followed my mum's hairdressing journey, and soon
realized that I would pursue this career with a thriving passion. 

At the end of 2019, I thought I would try another career path as it seemed like I needed a change.  But now, I've realized that I absolutely love what I do. 

Our clients leaving our chair happy and loving the results of what we've achieved is the most amazing feeling.

I've worked with many inspiring and amazing hairdressers, all of which have taught and inspired my career choice.

So, after 6 years in this industry, Little Luxe Hair and Makeup was born. 

We serve hardworking Women and Men who are looking for that Stylist and Salon that goes the extra mile for them. Women who deserve to be looked after, spoilt and pampered. Women who know they deserve more than just being rushed.

If you would like to try our services, mention this and you will receive 50% off your Designer Cut & Style with any colour.


We look forward to welcoming you into our little place of Luxury and finding out all your hair & makeup goals and needs.


I hope you join us on this little journey of Fashion, Hair and makeup.

You can find Us at:

Shop 8

70 Everglade Drive

Goodwood Heights




See you soon.


Roi & Lyn

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