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Things you need to know Before going Blonde

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


First things first.

Going blonde isn't always as easy as it seems.

When I get a question from a client about going blonde, the first thing I'll usually ask a client is "Have you EVER coloured your hair" as opposed to "Do you have colour in your hair"? With the later, clients will generally tell you that they did have colour in their hair but, they've gotten rid of it (usually by putting another colour over it)

This is one of the most important questions needing an honest answer because the answer to this question will generally determine the End Result and the Cost.

1) Have you EVER coloured your hair?

When you do decide to get your hair coloured it is important to let your stylists know regarding the history of your hair. If it's a stylist you've never been to before it's better for both of you, to tell your stylist all that has been done to your hair.

If you are not in front of your chosen stylist then let them know either through a phone call, messenger or text before your appointment.

Usually, a thorough consultation will proceed once you are in your stylists' chair.

2) Your skin tone

In this day and age, anything goes, depending on your lifestyle and tastes.

It is extremely important to bring along a pic to your appointment. But remember, just because Kylie J or Charlize Theron look great with their blonde hair, doesn't necessarily mean that it would suit you or that you can achieve those results as well.

Generally, your stylist will recommend a few changes to suit you. It's also important for your results that the stylist knows what they're working with.

3) You have options.

If it's your first time going blonde I would usually suggest going slow.

Just a bit here and there.

When a client who has had a base colour their whole life, wants a change, I like to suggest just a few random bits of highlights just to add texture and to modernize that colour.

In this case, a few highlights goes a long way.

This is a fantastic way to introduce clients to highlights.

I find that people always tend to add a bit more highlights with each following appointment.

If you've coloured your hair dark brown, red or black and would like to go lighter, starting as soon as possible is recommended as it can take up to a year to achieve your blonde hair goal. These three colours are usually the most difficult to remove from hair.

Lightening your hair can be very drying, so you must look after your mane and use your treatments recommended by your stylists.

4) Maintenance and Lifestyle

There is no doubt that being blonde is high maintenance.

So, are you willing to upkeep it?

Not only will you need to get into the salon every 8 - 12 weeks for the upkeep of your regrowth but, you also need to constantly do moisture or protein treatments along with your blonde shampoo.

One of the most low maintenance colouring technique is Balayage. This leaves your natural hair on the roots and tends to blend to a lighter shade at the ends.

Balayage in itself is a "painting technique" but, you can still get Balayage Results using foils, Colour Melt or Root Smudging. Many Hairdressers have their own techniques of achieving similar results.

5) Your Budget

This is a biggie.

Big dramatic colour changes will generally take more than 3 hrs, hence, it will cost a lot more.

There are a few options when adding highlights to your hair or when going blonde. You can start with having top section foils, to full head foils with a base. The cost can range from $200-$650 including a finish.

Clients will usually bring in pictures of their favourite celebrities as inspiration let's say, Kylie Jenner and expect to get that colour for $100. Again, big changes cost money.

You cannot expect a 6 course gourmet meal on a Mc Donalds budget.

Your stylist should be able to give you options on what can be done within your budget.

Remember If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask your stylist.

Happy Blonding every one.

An alternate balayage result using Colour Melt Technique


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